The arrival of a new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is always a bit of an occasion – for seven generations and nearly fifty years, it has been the impervious anchor point for motoring to continuously reflect upon and benchmark. The big S could in actual fact stand for Stability, Sense and Status; qualities in

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Hottest AGENT!
Why did you originally decide to pursue a career in real estate? What kind of real estate do you handle? When I first started in sales, I sold Dodge vehicles! I enjoyed negotiating and the high from a sale. I worked long hours at the dealership but k
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MURDER HE WROTE Normalizing the abnormal
As a rookie cop, there were many times when I felt vulnerable. Pub fights, large scale public disorder and high-speed pursuits were the usual suspects. The first couple of events rarely had any rules and I was always mindful that an errant punch coul
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Home Is Where The Heart Is
Why did you originally decide to pursue a career in music? I grew up always loving to sing but I never seriously considered a career in music until I started writing songs at about sixteen years old. When I began writing songs it was like I had just