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Pet owners need to know they’re not causing destruction

These are worrying times for our waterways. Across the length and breadth of England, rivers, lakes and streams are polluted by a filthy mixture of sewage, chemical discharges and agricultural run-off. A measly 16% of them are rated as being of a good ecological

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18 Miles |2 Days | Challenging
Hard. Well-defined paths and faint trails, a river crossing, rock-climbing traverse. This route involves a short, exposed scramble over rocks (the Bad Step). Check tide times and weather before setting off; there is a river crossing near the bothy wh
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Wildflowers Of The Pennines
Tiny star-like spring sandwort grows in river gravels and spoil heaps. Though nationally scarce, it thrives in the calaminarian grassland (soils rich in heavy metals) of lead-mining spoil. A tall plant of upland pastures, this beautiful stately this
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Bothy Nights: Basic But ’n’ Ben
Bothies come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common configuration is the classic two-roomed cottage referred to by its Scots term: ‘but and ben’. The ‘but’ refers to the outer kitchen and living room, and the ‘ben’ the bedroom. In almost all c