Sit and Stand


The ergonomics experts at Humanscale developed this 10-minute online self-assessment tool to help people improve their work areas. It uses a scoring system to suggest easy-to-understand improvements, customized to your office setup.


Inspired by origami, this flat-packed laptop stand unfolds into five possible configurations—one for standing and four optimized for seated

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It’s already a cliché to say that the pandemic has accelerated changes in social norms that had been underway even before the first lockdowns. But nowhere does it ring more true than in how we share our homes. In the wake of the 2009 recession, many
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Design for Everyone
In 1988 Betsey and Sam Farber had a lightbulb moment as Betsey struggled to peel apples with a metal vegetable peeler. Two years later, Sam helped launch the OXO line of Good Grips kitchen tools. The goal might have been to make day-today tasks easie