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A Practical Guide To Maintaining Positive Body & Mindset For Winter WFH

A Practical Guide To Maintaining Positive Body & Mindset For Winter WFH by Laura May. Photograph of a man working on three computers by Olia Danilevich
Photograph by Olia Danilevich

As ‘work from home’ drags on into winter, work and health habits can drag as well; here are a few simple shifts for stepping back into your power 

Millions of people have found themselves working from home unexpectedly this year, and while at the start of the pandemic everyone was trying to follow best practices for working remotely, as the days get shorter and darker it’s easy to slip into bad habits. Here’s a practical guide for maintaining a positive body and mindset while you’re working from home this winter. 

Re-establish Boundaries 

The longer you’re working from home, the more likely it is that the boundaries between work life and home life start to blur. But it’s

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