Kia Grand Sedona 2,2 CRDi EX+

An accomplished, solidly built car with a respectable drivetrain makes this a top contender. A big price: R722 995

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Mercedes-Benz G400d 4Matic 9G-Tronic
Price: R2 892 840 0-100 km/h: 7,23 seconds Top speed: 210 km/h Power: 243 kW Torque: 700 N.m CAR fuel index: 11,52 L/100 km CO2 : 252 g/km In South Africa, there are precious few cars that command instant respect when they drive down the street. For
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The Excellent Vehicles The Ranger Had To Beat
The bestselling double-cab bakkie in 2020, recent additions to the Hilux range have only bolstered its appeal. The sole V6 diesel bakkie here is the most refined and best riding but pricing skews its appeal towards the premium end. An acquired tast
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Interesting Facts
In November 1967, Volvo began assembling cars in South Africa. Using the Motor Assemblies plant in Durban, these were the first Volvos in the world to be manufactured outside of Sweden. This was a mere 12 months after tooling up to build the same mod