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eriodontal disease, which includes inflamed, receding gums and pockets that develop between

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Beauty Contest
After everything that has happened over the past year, it is easier than ever to appreciate the simple joys in life. For me, one of those innocent pleasures is trying out new beauty products. (Ladies, what’s better than buying a new lipstick, right?)
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Don't Boost Your Immune System, Balance It!
As the global pandemic raged over the past year, everyone, it seems, has been looking for ways to boost immunity. After all, the immune system is our most important protection against everything going around. So it might seem to make sense that we’d
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The Scoop on Dog Food
The quality of food your dog eats influences the quantity of the poop you scoop, according to a study of beagles at the University of Illinois in Urbana. Researchers compared four diets: kibble (lowest quality), fresh-but-processed, refrigerated food