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Becoming one people

The essence of racism is to believe in race and then divide people and treat them differently – to reject the universal idea that we are all born equal and should be treated equally, without discrimination.

Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon doesn’t understand that (“The ‘G’ word”, December 12). He supports the division by race written into New Zealand law and calls for even more, including prisons run by iwi for Māori offenders.

This racial division is supported by stories to generate and affirm division, to insist on the allegation that we are two different people. A version of history is propagated that calls for inherited guilt on one side, with feelings of loss and demands for entitlement on the other. Claims of past wrongdoing are then held to justify an ever-widening racial divide; we are no longer one people.

Thus, Foon supports the assertions of holocaust and claims of genocide against Māori. This is first to ignore the massive killings after the explosion of tribal fighting in the early 19th century, which led many northern Māori chiefs to call for British intervention so that colonisation and the Treaty of Waitangi became a major feature of the extraordinary Māori cultural transformation. There were about 35,400 deaths in the 633 battles of those wars, and the Māori population halved in the period 1800-1840.

Fighting between the Māori

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