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How to find original perspectives

1 Photograph what you love

Forget about trends. Stick to what you really love, and your passion will

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What The F-stop?
1 Which of these is not a Sigma lens family? A Contemporary B Classic C Sport D Art 2 Who was the American portrait photographer who co-invented the Zone System with Ansel Adams? A David Archer B Tony Archer C Fred Archer D Pat Archer 3 Which of thes
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Posing Power
My work has a special focus on beauty and fashion. I’m passionate about creating visual stories with a cinematic edge that enhance a mood and capture emotion. As a black female photographer, I’m aware of the lack of people like myself in front of and
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Get Creative With Blending Modes
FILE & VIDEO Photoshop’s Blending Modes have long been one of its most useful features. Each Blending Mode uses a distinct algorithm to blend a selected layer with the layers below. If this sounds complicated, in prac