History of War


Catherine II (r.1762-96) was the most accomplished empress in Russian history. Better known as Catherine the Great, she began life as a minor German princess but became empress of Russia after overthrowing her husband

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Sikorski’s Tourists
The Polish contribution to the defence of the UK after 1940 was far more than the pilots who joined RAF squadrons – it included large numbers of exiled soldiers and sailors too. Speaking ahead of an online talk for the National Army Museum, Jennifer
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John Cruickshank
As the blanket of clouds parted above the calm surface of the Norwegian Sea, John Appleton, a radar operator aboard a Catalina seaplane, knew he’d found something. The metallic hulk was still some way off, but the equipment before him was building a
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Imjin 70
The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum is commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Imjin River with a series of events. This includes a service in Gloucester Cathedral on 25 April 2021 and an ‘Imjin70 Village’ with stalls and cultural