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Preppers are always processing a lot of information; probably much more than the average person and non-prepper. We’ve been trained, or trained ourselves, to glean as much useful data as possible from our environment. Not surprisingly, that data can be in the form of historic records, current events and situations, and it can also come from predictions, assumptions and guesses

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Break-barrel Simplicity
While all the air rifle models will be adequate for survival situations, the break barrel/gas piston might be one of the best choices for this purpose. This style of air rifle requires absolutely no peripheral equipment in order to be used. The rifle
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New Products
As time goes on, our curiosity and needs expand beyond a few basic areas of interest. In this month’s “New Products” collection, we included a pretty wide variety of newly available gear that’ll pique the interest of the most discerning “gear hounds.
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Perspective Is Everything
Survivalists have been called worrywarts, overreactors and even downright paranoid and a bit crazy. But now, many of those perceptions have changed. Last year’s pandemic, coupled with social unrest, rising racial tensions and an economic downturn, ha