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arenting is quite easy when you haven’t done it yet. Before I had children, I had many theories, now tried and tested and proven wrong, many naiveties that have been corrected by experience. Naivety can make us bold, without us even realising it, and I’m glad for at least one of my boldly naive parenting decisions. My husband Scotty and I

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On The Shelf
by Debora Harding (Allen & Unwin, RRP $39.99) In 1978, author Debora Harding, then aged 14, was abducted, raped and left to die. It’s not until the 1990s that she suffers from PTSD, in part prompted by her mother claiming she made it all up (spoiler
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The Wright stuff
Robin Wright is laughing at my pyjamas. Given that the Golden Globe-winning actress owns an ethical sleepwear company, I probably should have worn something a bit smarter. But this interview is at 4am on a rainy Saturday, and it was all my sleep-addl
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Stand-up Women
NZ INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL May 4-23, visit comedyfestival.co.nz for information and tickets Michele A’Court’s Feminist Rage Night, May 11 Hosting the Electric Kiwi Last Laughs showcase, May 23 I was pregnant when I started doing stand-up, and t