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arenting is quite easy when you haven’t done it yet. Before I had children, I had many theories, now tried and tested and proven wrong, many naiveties that have been corrected by experience. Naivety can make us bold, without us even realising it, and I’m glad for at least one of my boldly naive parenting decisions. My husband Scotty and I

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Treat Yourself
Serves 6 250g Whittaker’s 50% cocoa dark chocolate250g Whittaker’s Creamy Milk chocolate1 cup desiccated coconut¾ cup raspberry liquorice, chopped into chunks¼ cup roasted peanuts½ cup marshmallows, cut in half½ cup freeze-dried raspberries (optional
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Once Upon a Time…
I cried when I tore the cover of my favourite childhood storybook. It was the first book I’d been given as a “big girl” – a compendium of fabulous stories by Ruth Ainsworth, with gorgeous illustrations by Shirley Hughes. It included a wealth of short
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Mind Games
1 Sensibly steady (5-6) 9 Dispute settling (11) 15 Stoat-like animals (7) 16 Crop harvest (5) 17 Very angry (5) 19 Situate (5) 21 Gumtree marsupial (5) 22 Regional (5) 23 Elusive (7) 24 Disney fawn (5) 25 Aircraft gangway (5) 27 Puncture with knife (