I’ve had just two phones in 10 years

I was fascinated by Issue 599’s ‘Question of the Fortnight’ (‘Are smartphones the new washing machines?’), because it sounds like the rest of the buying public have caught up with my scepticism about new technology.

About 10 years ago, stunned by the pictures of people queuing in sleeping bags to get the latest iPhone, I made a vow not to buy a new phone unless my existing one was completely useless. I bought an HTC Desire in 2010 (I still have the receipt) and used it until a deadly combination of cracked screen and old software made it worthless. That was in 2015. I replaced it with an HTC 10, and that’s the phone I still use. It’s true that not all the apps work anymore, but I still get by. I have promised myself a new phone in 2021 though.

To me, sticking with phones - in fact, all devices – is a matter of personal pride. I take pleasure in knowing I’ve extracted every last

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