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Dogs are man’s best friend, but do other animals have friends?

Interspecies relationships are rare, except in a domestic setting (think of a cat and a dog snuggled together), but some animals do

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In Two Minds
As they sometimes are in their new movie, Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins are in two different worlds today. The sun is shining at chez Hopkins in Los Angeles. The lamps are on in Colman’s abode in London. This double dose of British acting royalty
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Trading On A Miracle
Lies, corruption, poison and death: the medical history of stem-cell research has all the ingredients of a thriller. In Flesh Made New, Australian stem-cell researcher John Rasko and historian Carl Power deliver just that – a fast-paced, action-packe
New Zealand Listener1 мин. чтенияSocial Science
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