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Grey partridge Perdix perdix

From a distance the grey partridge seems a plump and rather understated grey-brown bird. At closer quarters the orange face and throat, rusty red tail, chestnut streaking of the upper parts, finely patterned grey breast and brown flank bars combine to create delicate and attractive markings. A dark brown horseshoe mark on the belly completes the ensemble; larger on the male, this is the only marking that distinguishes between the similar-sized sexes.

“Intensive agriculture

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Browning 525 Liberty Light
My shooting career started way back in 2005 and I have always shot ‘off the shelf ’ guns, although these days they have a custom fit stock. These guns are designed largely for male shooters, so getting the chance to try the Browning 525 Liberty Light
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En Hance Your Shooting
It is a delight to be able to engage with a new set of readers, following the merger of the Clay Shooting Magazine and Sporting Gun. I felt it important to allow our readers to refresh themselves on everything that we have already covered, as we now
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Sporting Gun’s Clay Shooting Club Directory
English Sporting, FITASC, Sportrap, Simulated Game, 100 and 200-metre rifle ranges. Onsite restaurant, ‘Sportarm’ Gun Room and lifestyle shop, Gunsmithing services, Gun Storage and a ‘Glorious Game’ Sporting Agency. Tarmac car park, gravel pathways t