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Read James McCreet’s suggested rewrite of this extract at http://writ.rs/wmapr21

This is a very good piece of writing. The character perspective is strong, credible and focused. Her biographical detail is lightly communicated and we

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Bloom in Zoom
My first book is published later this year and I have been asked to take part in a small literary event – which will be recorded on Zoom. I am not particularly tech-savvy and had never heard of Zoom before the pandemic. The few times I have used it –
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Global Specfic Market
Aqueduct Press dedicates itself to publishing ‘challenging, feminist science fiction’. Kathryn Wilham, managing editor, promises to give readers work that will stretch the imagination and stimulate thought. Whilst not a mainstream genre this editoria
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Book Group Bust-up
I recently gave a talk to a book group by Zoom which left me feeling as if I’d stepped into the middle of a power struggle. I’m not sure if I was the prize or the bone of contention between the warring factions, but either way I felt like piggy in th