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BE STILL: The Power of Stillness & Silence

BE STILL: The Power of Stillness & Silence by Amisha Ghandiali. Photograph of a woman sitting on a mountain top at sunset by Sage Friedman
Photograph by Sage Friedman

Practicing stillness and silence is a simple, yet profoundly beneficial form of self-care… here’s why

Stillness is such a powerful skill in our time. So much arises when you allow yourself to just be. When you let go of the doing and the thinking and feel into the miracle that is you, simply as you are right now, intuition rises. 

Silence and stillness can be scary for many people in the modern world. How much time have you honestly spent not moving or doing anything or adding any new inputs into your world? When you develop a loving relationship with yourself, and connect to your soul, spending quality alone time can be such a beautiful, revitalizing, and potent experience. When you rest in your stillness, the voice of your intuition is at its strongest. Practicing stillness can be simply getting good sleep and rest, as well as practices

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