History of War


Authors: Marek Tadeusz Lalowski & Jonathan North Publisher: Pen and Sword Price: £25

Amid the news onslaught at the start of 2021, a discovery dating back to 1812 made headlines: the remains of 120 soldiers, three women and three adolescents, all thought to have fallen in the of Battle of Vyazma, were ceremoniously reburied in Russia. The Napoleonic Wars and the allure of

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History of War2 мин. чтенияPolitics
Wilhelm II
An acclaimed expert on Imperial Germany, John Röhl’s complete biography of the Kaiser is separated into three titles, each of which focuses on a vital period of Wilhelm’s life: Young Wilhelm: The Kaiser’s Early Life, 1859–1888; The Kaiser’s Personal
History of War1 мин. чтенияInternational Relations
After studying the First World War at school, I was left with the overwhelming (albeit naive) impression that the Kaiser was a ‘bad guy’ – no doubt. Years later I, along with many military history enthusiasts, remain fascinated by Wilhelm II – though
History of War1 мин. чтения
War In Focus
An Ethiopian veteran of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War poses with his medals and full uniform. After Italy’s successful invasion of Ethiopia (then known as Abyssinia) in 1936, Emperor Haile Selassie fled the country but many Ethiopians remained to re