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I might be taking a leap here, dear reader, but something tells me you, , , , , etc. Just a huge variety of magazines all readable within the app. They present as they would appear in print, which looks cool but can be difficult to read. Thankfully there’s a reader button to make that easier - but it’s not as pretty, so it’s good Readly offers both options. You can even just choose articles from all the publications and have them curated to your interests. The first month has a free trial, then after that it’s a $10 per month sub, which feels like a pretty good deal for the mountain of content.

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Adata XPG Gammix S50 Lite 2TB
PCIe 4.0 SSD’s are on track to take over the performance NVMe SSD market. It will take some time, but soon PCIe 4.0 drives will find their way into all but basic SATA-equipped systems. That trend will be accelerated by the likes of the Adata XPG Gamm
APC1 мин. чтенияIndustries
Dimensions Of The Past
Back in 2016, for Quake’s 20th birthday, modern Wolfenstein developer MachineGames released a new Quake episode called Dimension of the Past (or DOPA, which is much funnier). The episode includes nine levels, revisiting Quake’s hodgepodge aesthetics
APC3 мин. чтенияTechnology & Engineering
We’ve covered Samsung’s water and dust resistant The Terrace outdoor TVs before, but there’s a new bigger 75-inch model that’s suitable for full sun situations that’s worth mentioning. It gets the same 2,000nit brightness of its siblings, which is br