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‘You don’t need much kit for Parkour, but I) and I pray they’re never discontinued.’

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Vital Kit
‘The Hammerhead Karoo 2 Bike Computer (£359; hammerhead.io) has many amazing features to help me on my challenges: it connects with Strava so I can save my own segments to race; it gives me my power numbers to help me maintain pace; and if I drop a p
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How HEALTHY Are You?
The word ‘fit’ is so often used synonymously with the word ‘healthy’ it seems unfathomable that someone who is physically fit might still be unhealthy, and yet it’s possible. Indeed, the two terms describe different things, with ‘fitness’ relating to
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Best Of The Rest…
Why try? This is a low-impact sport that will work your entire body, especially your upper body and core. Join in: This 14K downstream course between Henley-on-Thames and Marlow is divided into four stages, during which you’ll have the chance to fu