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So Thrilled for You!

s I said the words “I’m so happy for you”, they tasted bad in my mouth. My throat was tightening as if I was about to cry, and I felt light-headed. What was happening to me? My friend had landed her dream job, and it should have been good news. It good news! Except she’d gotten something that I – still study (makes sense, since it makes you feel like garbage!). The good news? You can totally kick it to the curb.

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Find Your Rhythm
Pre-workout, pick a song that’s three to five minutes long and jump along to the beat. For the final 30 seconds, turn up the heat with high-knee skips. Boom! To end any sweat sesh on a (heart-rate) high note, do 1,000 rotations as fast as possible –
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Friends For Life
Honestly, I toyed for years with the idea of seeing a therapist. I knew the benefits: learning to form healthier relationships, having an outlet when sorting through life questions… the list goes on. But I always found an excuse for not booking. Mone
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Three Low-GI Winners
High-fibre, low-GI and a good source of protein, lentils hit all the right notes. Throw into lunchtime salads or use ‘em in curries and stews. Most nuts are low-GI. Team a small handful or a slick of nut butter with a piece of fruit for a satisfying,