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Improvise, Adapt And Overcome To Disaster-proof Your Fitness
AS WITH SO MANY other trades, the working life of a PT in 2020 was less a rollercoaster ride than a spell on a 30-metre drop tower. Coaches and trainers have been forced to adapt to sudden changes in how they’re allowed to ply their trade: from setti
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Are You Better With Uncertainty Than You Think?
Where, exactly, is the edge of your comfort zone when it comes to not knowing things? This quiz can give you a sense of your ability to handle ambiguity and how hard you might need to work to accept and manage it. Rate each statement according to how
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Give A Hiit For Greater Results
RONALDO, BOLT, LEBRON, FEDERER, BECKHAM … sensing a theme here? These stars share iconic status in their respective fields, as well as career longevity and impressive bank accounts. However, there’s another attribute that unites these champions: they