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Turning the tables

Incubating birds turn their eggs but not,

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Whale Song Shakes Up Earthquake Research
If any animals could be described as ‘seismic’, it is surely the baleen whales. These largest of creatures are also the source of the loudest and deepest biological sounds in the oceans. It’s fitting, then, that their rumblings are now being investig
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Back To School…
Having read the article on the proposed Natural History GCSE (Lessons for the future, April 2021), I offer the following thoughts. Regardless of which subject(s) a student wishes to pursue to exam level, all are given a grounding in reading, writing
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Drop In The Ocean
“To see a world in a grain of sand,” wrote poet William Blake, but what might our eyes be opened to in a drop of sea water? By using laboratory micropipettes and photographing specially lit water drops, a hidden world of tiny alien organisms is revea