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Whenever I rave about the virtues of ultrafast broadband, I invariably hear from a handful of Listener readers who point out that the fibre revolution has passed them by. Some of them struggle to access the internet over copper lines or mobile wireless connections, let alone fancy fibre-optic cables.

The 2018 census revealed that 211,000 of us still don’t have access

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History Unbuttoned
When Rangi Topeora’s lover, William Mayhew, an American whaler based on Kāpiti Island in the 1840s, abandoned her to return home, she marked his departure with a waiata that included “for beautiful are the clothes of the whiteman”. Topeora’s lament i
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Damned Lies And Gun Control
In 1991, President George HW Bush – the brightest bulb in the family lamp – nominated archconservative Clarence Thomas to be just the second black US Supreme Court justice, replacing the first, arch-liberal Thurgood Marshall. Everyone over the age of
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Skills & kills
Amere two years after The Gentlemen (one and a half stars from the Listener), Guy Ritchie is back. Although, curiously, you wouldn’t know Wrath of Man was a Ritchie flick if it weren’t for the casual homophobia and the omnipresent tough cockney geeze