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KRASH2 мин. чтенияAutomotive
The Fastest Hatch 2021
A legend amongst the hot hatch community, this is a strong performance for a regular front wheel drive Golf GTI.Traction is key here, if you feed this beast just right it will happily perform for you! Slap on a DSG gearbox and you’ll save half a seco
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New Hardware
Sony has officially confirmed it is working on a new PlayStation VR headset. This has been rumoured for some time now, but it’s great to know it is definitely happening. It won’t be out in 2021, but is expected to arrive in 2022. So, what can we expe
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Front Side Ollie Over Spine
STEP 1: Choose the right speed for you. Best not to go too fast, this can make you go out of control when you ollie. Ollie from the bottom half of the ramp to start, it gets harder the higher you go up the transition. STEP 2: Place your feet in the