I’M SO EXCITED to reveal my debut book! It’s been a pleasure to write for

about sustainability, and food waste is a topic

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Stand Out For Joy
OUR BRAINS ARE DESIGNED to keep us safe, and one of the ways it does this is by ensuring that we fit in. Doing what you love requires you to override your innate desire for approval. When we conform to avoid vulnerability, we live on top of a deadeni
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Find A Coach And Train To Be One
Psychologies’ partnership with Barefoot Coaching gives you the tools to find a coach who meets your needs. Barefoot Coaching has been at the forefront of coaching and coach training for 25 years. It has a proven track record as a provider of high-le
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HOW TO… Create A Dynamic Linked In Profile
‘FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT, so it’s important to build a LinkedIn profile that packs a punch,’ says social media specialist Claire Durrant. ‘Your LinkedIn profile is your professional online presence and will be viewed by employers, business partners,