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Embrace your curves!




f you have a heavier midsection with a wide torso and broad shoulders, you’re apple shaped like movie maven Melissa McCarthy. Embrace your shape with flattering options such as vests, coats or jackets that stop at the hip or

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Taurus' Dream Jobs
■ Their love of money suggests a businessperson or banker. ■ The neck is their body part, so potential singer or sommelier. ■ Their love of nature makes you an ideal farmer or florist. ■ Being a sensual being, they might also like massaging as a job.
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Monkey Plays Video Games With His Mind
NEURALINK, a research company owned by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, recently released a video of a nine-year-old macaque monkey playing a video game using just his mind. Scientists had taught the monkey, named Pager, to play a simple ping-pong
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Happy Families
When BROOKLYN BECKHAM announced his engagement to actress NICOLA PELTZ in July last year, the biggest talking point was the fact that the young lovers had been dating for just nine months. But there was another burning question: how would Nicola’s fa