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Gettysburg Address: New Narration

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New Narration. Fewer people than you may think have read or even heard of the Gettysburg Address. Fewer still have read or heard of the Emancipation Proclamation or Pericles Funeral Oration, including many teachers and academics. If you're looking to get an A - or if you're just curious - this audio will put you ahead of the class!
This audiobook has 14 tracks:
1. Introduction. 2. The Civil War: 1861-1865. 3. Surrender at McLean House in Appomattox Court House, Virginia: 1865. 4. Lincoln and His Life. 5. Gettysburg Address: Occasion and Purpose. 6. Reading of the Gettysburg Address: 1863. 7. Model for the Gettysburg Address: Pericles and His Funeral Oration. 8. Thucydides the Source: ca.460 BC to ca. 395 BC. 9. Reading the Pericles Funeral Oration: 431 BC. 10. Reading the Emancipation Proclamation: 1863. 11. Martin Luther King's Comments from his "I Have a Dream" Speech: 1963. 12. Martin Luther King & His Life: 1929-1968. 13. Simply Notes.
The author provides three readings: Gettysburg Address itself; the related Emancipation Proclamation; and Pericles Funeral Oration, which the Gettysburg Address was based upon. The author gives a brief review of the times; the Civil War; the surrender at a private home that most think was a court house; a review of Lincoln's life; analysis of Thucydides, who provided the transcript of Pericles Funeral Oration; Martin Luther King's choice to give his "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial on the 100th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address; and an analysis of his life, which brought the Gettysburg Address into the 20th century. Finally, there are additional notes and discussion topics for students, teachers, and all of us. This is a must listen for Americana followers as well as all Americans interested in our history.

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