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The Last Nazi

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The author of the blockbuster New York Times bestseller The Fourth Procedure weaves a terrifying story about a virus turned weapon of mass destruction.

Stan Pottinger goes where no one else dares—taking crucial medical and social issues and turning them into riveting thrillers. Melissa Gale is an attractive, ambitious lawyer and investigator for the Office of Special Investigations, the Justice Department’s “Nazi Hunters.” Her quarry, known only by the name “Adalwolf,” was the brilliant young protégé of Dr. Josef Mengele, the Butcher of Auschwitz. Presumed dead for almost fifty years, Adalwolf has suddenly reappeared in the United States to take the lives of three people in a chilling, unusual way. Drawing on research started in the Nazi labs, Adalwolf is about to unleash a terrifying virus using Melissa’s soon-to-be born baby as a trigger. The tension builds unbearably as Melissa’s race to save her baby and stop Adalwolf forces her to confront the boundaries of good and evil.

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