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The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

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Howard Pyle's exciting and hilarious tales of Robin Hood and his merry band of Outlaws who reigned over Sherwood Forest doing many good deeds for the poor, and deserved misdeeds for the pompous and haughty rich.

Table of Contents:
Author's Preface
Chapter I - How Robin Hood Came to Be an Outlaw
Chapter II - Robin Hood and the Tinker
Chapter III - The Shooting Match at Nottingham Town
Chapter IV - Will Stutely Rescued by His Companions
Chapter V - Robin Hood Turns Butcher
Chapter VI - Little John Goes to Nottingham Fair
Chapter VII - How Little John Lived at the Sheriff's
Chapter VIII - Little John and the Tanner of Blyth
Chapter IX - Robin Hood and Will Scarlet
Chapter X - The Adventure with Midge the Miller's Son
Chapter XI - Robin Hood and Allan a Dale
Chapter XII - Robin Hood Seeks the Curtal Friar
Chapter XIII - Robin Hood Compasses a Marriage
Chapter XIV - Robin Hood Aids a Sorrowful Knight
Chapter XV - How Sir Richard of the Lea Paid His Debts
Chapter XVI - Little John Turns Barefoot Friar
Chapter XVII - Robin Hood Turns Beggar
Chapter XVIII - Robin Hood Shoots Before Queen Eleanor
Chapter XIX - The Chase of Robin Hood
Chapter XX - Robin Hood and Guy of Gisbourne
Chapter XXI - King Richard Comes to Sherwood Forest

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