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Sell Anything

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The author believes this is the most important skill for creating and building a business, and one that is often sorely neglected by leaders. It all starts with knowing your deal - what benefits does your product or service provide? Then underscoring that listening and responding to the customer is critical to being successful. In the post sale period, you need to find out what you did right and wrong, so you can do better next time. Less is more, because the customer wants a brief, clear presentation - not a fire hose of information and data. The focus should be on your customer, not your product or service.
Then the audiobook covers a series of lists to help you do better: 11 personality traits you need to work on and consider when hiring sales people; 9 mechanics to sell effectively; 4 don'ts. And finally, the author addresses how to set up your sales and order department, how to hire sales people, and why a strong sales department will help you to get financial backing.

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