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A Strange Sort of Ministry: A Collection of Divine Appointments

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Take a ride along the interstate with Jim as he deals with a young hitchhiker that seems to lie at every turn. Trek across the old South as Jack deals with an old dog that just won't take no for an answer. These are two of the inspiring short stories in A Strange Sort of Ministry that will have you laughing and crying but will always keep you entertained. The common every day folksy style of author J.E. Rhoden makes you feel as if you know him, and the combination of stirring short stories and moving poetry will pull at your heart strings as you read. These stories will provoke memories of days gone by but are easily relatable to all ages. Walk a mile in author J.E. Rhoden's shoes as he paints beautiful portraits composed entirely of words. If you love riding the roller coaster of breathtaking emotions, A Strange Sort of Ministry is the book for you.

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