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It Happens Every Spring
It Happens Every Spring
It Happens Every Spring
Аудиокнига8 часов

It Happens Every Spring

Написано Catherine Palmer и Gary Chapman

Озвучено Jill Shellabarger

Рейтинг: 4.5 из 5 звезд



Об этой аудиокниге

The first in a new series, "Four Seasons," takes us to Deepwater Cove, a small community on the shore of the Lake of the Ozarks, where we're introduced to four couples in different stages of life.  It Happens Every Spring centers on Brenda, a lonely wife, and Steve, a go-getter real estate agent, in the mid-winter of their relationship.  When a stranger appears at their door one night, change blows through their house and their marriage.

ИздательOasis Audio
Дата выпуска26 янв. 2007 г.

Catherine Palmer

Catherine Palmer is a bestselling author and winner of the Christy Award for her outstanding Christian romance. She also received the Career Achievement Award for Inspirational Fiction from RT Book Reviews. Raised in Kenya, she lives in Atlanta with her husband. They have two grown sons. A graduate of Southwest Baptist University, she also holds a master’s degree from Baylor University.

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Рейтинг: 4.5 из 5 звезд

24 оценки5 отзывов

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  • Рейтинг: 4 из 5 звезд
    Brenda had the perfect life until her kids left the "nest" and her husband threw himself into his work. Follow Brenda and her neighbors through a journey where they befriend a homeless man, fight temptation, and find/follow God's plan for their lives.
  • Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд
    What a PRECIOUS book. I couldn't stop listening!!! And such clear messages of hope and restoration. LOVED it.
  • Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд
    co-written with a marriage therapist it is a realistic look of how walls can be built in even a strong marriage overtime with neglect. it also shows that if both people are willing to do the really hard work that the walls can come back down if both are willing and able to pay the price of the hard work.
  • Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд
    Excellent! The Seasons of Marriage came to life in a real, practical and meaningful way. The narrator brought Tranquility to life.
  • Рейтинг: 3 из 5 звезд
    This is the story of several different marriages set in small-town America. There's a newly-married couple, an older, retired couple, a blended family with twins, and the main couple of the story, Brenda and Steve who are recent empty-nesters. Plus Patsy who owns a beauty salon, and where much of the conversation happens.

    It's light, and the characters aren't particularly well developed, but the writing is good and the story interesting. I found some of the argument scenes almost painful in their realism, although the points about different love languages and lack of communication were made rather too obviously at times.

    Written with advice from Gary Chapman in conjunction with his book about recurring marriage 'seasons'; I downloaded it free for my Kindle and am still undecided about whether to buy the other three in the series. Perhaps three and a half stars.