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A Leaf From Heaven

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Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) is a Danish writer, well-known mostly for his fairy tales. He was neither married nor had children. But still his fairy tales are appreciated by kids and brought him fame. Although Andersen didn't like to be called a "children's author", because created fairy tales for both kids and adults. For this reason his memorial doesn't include children' statues, as it was planned originally. In "A Leaf From Heaven" story an angel flew in the sky and dropped a leaf from the garden of heaven. This leaf fell down on earth and grew into a small plant. Nobody liked it and nobody valued it. Although it was a plant from heaven, nobody knew that and didn't care of it. That's what always happens in our life. The greatest people live and die unrecognized. To know the whole story of the leaf read more about it.

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