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A Pink Stocking

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The sky was totally covered with heavy clouds - it was a cold rainy day. Pavel Petrovitch Somov was annoyed by this weather. His room was dark and cold and the tears of rain on the window made him depressed. He was bored because he hadn't any entertainment or any affair. His wife was sitting at the table and was writing something. Madame Somov was a pretty lady in a light blouse and pink stockings. Pavel Petrovitch asked: " Lidotchka, what are you writing?" She told that she was writing a letter to her sister Varya. After that Pavel Petrovitch asked her to let him read the letter because he was bored. Lidotchka told him that that this letter wouldn't interest him but if he really wanted to read it he could take the letter. Somov took the written pages and began reading. After the first page his face lengthened and an expression of something almost like panic came into it. What was the matter with him?

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