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Aunt Morbelia and the Screaming Skulls

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"A screaming skull will not rest. It forces us to do its bidding," said Aunt Morbelia. BOOOOM! sounded the lightning. Thunder and heavy rain beat down on the Fearings' house and yard. Although his teenaged friends sat entranced by his spooky aunt, Todd was petrified by her stories of hellhounds and banshees. Ever since his great aunt first appeared on his family's doorstep, Todd's life has been turned upside down. His schoolwork is getting harder, and Morbelia's eerie stories are giving him nightmares. Surprisingly, it may take someone as weird as Morbelia to help Todd deal with his dyslexia-and just maybe, someone like Todd can help Morbelia learn to be less gloomy. An award-winning author of children's books and a long-time tutor of English, Joan Carris brings her own experiences to Todd's struggle with dyslexia. Cloaked with Aunt Morbelia's creepy ghostlore, this story of family interdependence is not only heartwarming and educational -but also spine-tingling fun!

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