Conquest of the Physical Universe (Russian Edition)

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Conquest of the Physical Universe (Russian Edition)

Автор: L. Ron Hubbard

Текст читает Multiple Narrators

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Conquest of the Physical Universe - Russian Edition

Life is engaged upon the acquisition, destruction, creation, so on and
so on, of matter, energy, space and time. Life is engaged on a forward
conquest, in other words. — L. Ron Hubbard

In his lifelong quest to uncover the answers to life and Man, Ron
discovered that all life forms, from the lowest to the highest, are
motivated by a single command: Survive!

Yet questions still remained. What exactly is life and how does it accomplish
its purpose of survival? Is life merely live matter? Or does it contain another quality

Thus Ron set out to isolate and identify the very essence of life itself. And
in successfully achieving that goal, he not only discovered the elusive quality
that animates all life forms, he arrived at the explanation for the endlessly varied
phenomena of human experience—from the “inexplicable” onset of illness to why
individuals brimming with ambition and hope often reach the end of their lives
defeated and disillusioned.

In this lecture, Ron reveals that life is an energy, one entirely separate and
distinct from the physical universe. Moreover, here too are the answers to how
life attempts its conquest of matter, energy, space and time.

As for what these discoveries mean to everyday life of the individual, the
answer is everything. For no matter one’s occupation or activities, here are
both the anatomy and ramifications of the unavoidable interaction with
the physical universe. And by means of this knowledge, one can reverse
one’s losses, build upon one’s victories and, in sum, recover the energy
and enthusiasm that brings lasting success.