Scientology: Its General Background (Russian Edition)

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Scientology: Its General Background (Russian Edition)

Автор: L. Ron Hubbard

Читает Multiple Narrators

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Scientology, Its General Background - Russian Edition

"Any work that I am doing or have done, and that you are doing, has a
tremendously long and interesting background. You are delving with and
working with the oldest civilized factors known to Man." — L. Ron Hubbard

Since time immemorial, Man has sought to liberate the soul from the body and so achieve immortality. In this account of the religious
heritage that stands behind Scientology, Ron recounts the extraordinary
story of Man’s epic quest for a way to attain that goal.

Embracing a tradition from the very dawn of civilization, here is the history
of Man’s relentless pursuit of the knowledge which inspired this planet’s great
philosophies and religions. Moreover, as the details unfold of their swift expansion
across a then barbaric world—civilizing East and West alike—Ron isolates not
only the very reason and substance of religious influence, but also the common
purpose uniting all religious thinking.

Against the backdrop of this epic drama, Ron reveals how
Scientology, drawing from and building upon the aspirations
and achievements of 10,000 years of thinking men, represents
an historic, long?sought triumph for Man. For with its discoveries
and technology comes the culmination of Man’s oldest quest and
the accomplishment, in the here and now, of his most enduring
dream—the freeing of the soul by wisdom.

Here, then, is how East and West, science and religion, have finally
come together.