On the Second Dynamic - Sex, Children & The Family (Russian Edition)

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On the Second Dynamic - Sex, Children & The Family (Russian Edition)

Автор: L. Ron Hubbard

Текст читает Multiple Narrators

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On the Second Dynamic: Sex, Children & the Family - Russian Edition

A family is simply a group for the purpose of sexual pleasure and the rearing
of children and mutual economic advantages amongst ourselves. You know,
it’s a small group. Therefore, we have this actual group. The race wouldn’t be
anywhere without the family. — L. Ron Hubbard

In his search to understand Man, Ron discovered that there is a single
common denominator to existence: Survive! No matter the varied
experiences or activities of individuals, everyone is seeking to survive and
that is the only common denominator to all life.

Then, examining life still more closely, he further discovered that survival subdivided
into eight separate urges or drives, known as the Eight Dynamics. In brief, one seeks to
survive for oneself (1), the family and the future generation (2), one’s group (3), Mankind
(4), all life organisms (5), the physical universe (6), as or for spirits (7) and the Supreme
Being, or infinity (8).

The Second Dynamic has long been a source of mystery and confusion, in no small part
because previous studies of Man erroneously targeted sex as the sole reason for existence
and, simultaneously, the primary cause of irrationality. Not knowing about the Eight
Dynamics, these practitioners led many people to fail—not only in regard to the Second
Dynamic, but in life itself. That their theories were not workable is evidenced by today’s
incidence of failed personal relationships, broken homes and troubled youth.

Notwithstanding that it is one dynamic among eight, the Second Dynamic is, of
course, important to everyone. It is no minor breakthrough, then, to at last answer
the question of how to achieve abundant survival in this crucial part of life. With this
knowledge, anyone can discover what the Second Dynamic really is and understand
its exact relationship to the rest of their life. And thus, whether as individuals,
couples or families, they can finally realize its full potential for happiness.