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Dicey's Song

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You never knew where a road would end, Dicey thought, the breeze curling around her ears, you just knew what roads ended. Not like water, which always keeps moving. Not like the stars, tossed out across the sky. But the Tillermans traveled on a road, and roads ended. Dicey’s road, and James’s, Maybeth’s, Sammy’s, had ended here. The Tillermans’ road had rolled up against Gram’s house, and they had tumbled off it into Gram’s. Dicey grinned. Not exactly into Gram’s arms, maybe not into her lap. Certainly into her life from Dicey’s Song It took 13-year-old Dicey Tillerman all summer to get herself and her three younger siblings to their grandmothers run-down farm on the Chesapeake Bay. Now the four of them face the difficult challenges of fitting into a frightening new world, one where once again, they are outsiders. Gram told Dicey to just hold on, to do all that she could to keep the family together. The trouble is, Dicey has only two hands, and quite a few problems of her own. Growing up, she discovers, is more than just holding on to what is important, it is learning how to let go.

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