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An Entrepreneur's Impact

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This memoir is a matter of record and a testimony showing that hard work and perseverance driven by passion results in good things. It also includes an understanding that a faith in our God and His Will is incorporated into successful elements of people's lives. David Ewen did not know this in the early stages of his entrepreneurial career, but after nearly a quarter of a century of experience, this has been proven to be evident. This is a discussion of David Ewen's entrepreneurial experience that will shed light on what truly defines success in business without having to become wealthy. The purpose is to show that wealth does not define success. The best way to describe success is when you enjoy what you are doing and are good at it. Every entrepreneur has a parent or a mentor who always says to them I want you to be happy. That is what David's parents said to him and that's what his pastors say to him. David Ewen says that he is happy.

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