Десять самых распространенных ошибок предпринимателей

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Десять самых распространенных ошибок предпринимателей

Автор: Vladimir John

Читает Petr Kaledin и Ulia Gushin

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Длина: 34 мин


One learns from mistakes and this educational e-book for entrepreneurs introduces the ten most fundamental mistakes made by entrepreneurs every single day. These are mostly the same mistakes that are made repeatedly. Therefore, the aim of this e-book is to educate how to prevent these mistakes or how to remedy them, especially to protect your assets from business risks.

Not realizing I don’t have what it takes
Choosing the wrong field of business
Choosing the wrong business partner
Not properly arranging project financing
Not managing fast growth
Not monitoring business efficiency
Getting consumed by your company
Not paying attention to what’s going on around you
Not recognizing that there’s no point in continuing Giving up too soon


Think about risk