100% Creative. How to improve your talents [Russian Edition]

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100% Creative. How to improve your talents [Russian Edition]

Автор: Lex Cooper

Читает Stanislav Ivanov

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The twenty-first century is called the age of creativity. This word is widely heard. They are characterized by personality. It is found in the summaries of people of the most diverse professions, and even completely not creative. Many people admire creative people, they are gladly taken to work.

Creative thinking is valued in politics, science, business, culture, art, in those areas where competition rules everything. However, many people are afraid to stand out from the crowd or do not know where to start, how to become a creative person. In our book you will find methods and exercises for the development of creativity. Learn how creativity affects health and vice versa - health for creativity. A separate chapter is devoted to the development of creativity in children. You will learn how you can start earning your creativity. Surely you will also be interested in hearing about art therapy: it turns out that creativity can heal even the most chronic diseases and bodies and souls. Listen, meditate, apply, become creative, successful, happy!