Encyclopedia of Dating and Flirting [Russian Edition]

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Encyclopedia of Dating and Flirting [Russian Edition]

Автор: Mihail Glushenkov

Читает Gennady Zaitsev

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Длина: 1 ч


How to approach - and to speak? How to attract attention to yourself? How do you behave naturally? How to overcome the fear that you will be rejected? How to overcome self-doubt during sex? How to find a partner on a dating site? These issues are relevant for everyone - both young men and women are equally afraid when they meet with the opposite sex.

Especially for you, we wrote this book, which will tell you about the problem on both sides - you will find out what exactly is to be afraid of the girl, because of what men are going through, see the points of contact and learn not only to overcome their fear of acquaintance, but also fully learn art Flirting.

Stop suffering from loneliness - "Encyclopedia of Dating and Flirting" will tell you how to like your partner from the very beginning of dating, how to behave on the first date, how to get the right psychological attitude and much, much more!