Hypnosis. How to Use and Resist [Russian Edition]

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Hypnosis. How to Use and Resist [Russian Edition]

Автор: Alexander Filin

Текст читает Aleksiy Muzhytskiy

Длина: 1 ч


The word "hypnosis" has become fashionable relatively recently. But, despite a stormy surge of interest in this phenomenon, an ordinary person knows very little about hypnosis. The more interesting it is to learn that hypnosis is a well-researched medical device that is widely used to treat a variety of diseases.

Elements of hypnosis are found in everyday life, and on television, and in forensics. Hypnosis can be treated, hypnosis can be resisted ... This book reveals the veils of secrets and makes hypnosis an accessible and understandable phenomenon, without any mysticism. But from this it does not become less interesting.