NLP Techniques: How to Make Them Love You [Russian Edition]

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NLP Techniques: How to Make Them Love You [Russian Edition]

Автор: Martin Leyvits

Читает Alexey Muzhitskii

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The most effective ways of seduction with the help of NLP techniques!

In the audiobook NLP Techniques: How to Make Them Love You, the author has tried to describe practices and techniques that will help you to understand your own purposes and desires, raise your self-esteem, find a soul mate, and learn how to love those who love you. Is it possible to make a person fall in love with the help of NLP? Skeptics may laugh, but this direction of applied psychology really helps to achieve happiness in one's personal life. Effective self-programming techniques are aimed toward achieving harmony between individuals when lovers are matched as two pieces of a whole. Use NLP techniques to cause feelings in people! Tips from this audiobook will help you to prepare the psychological foundation for a long and strong relationship.