Big Book of Gardeners, The [Russian Edition]

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Big Book of Gardeners, The [Russian Edition]

Автор: Anatolij Mironov

Читает Maria Antonova

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Длина: 2 ч


What vegetables and fruits get along well in one territory? Fragrant pears or liquid apples is your dream? If you are looking for answers to at least one of these questions - then this book is definitely for you. It will reveal the secrets of a successful gardener-gardener, will dedicate you to the secrets of planting and cultivating goodies in the garden, will tell you how to grow an orchard yielding a rich harvest. Now you do not have to search for information about each plant species separately - all tips on the most common types of garden crops are collected in this book. Acquiring it, you get the best adviser for the site of your dreams.