Development of Memory: NLP Techniques, The [Russian Edition]

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Development of Memory: NLP Techniques, The [Russian Edition]

Автор: Martin Leyvits

Текст читает Maxim Kireev

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The proven way to improve your memory, tried out by millions of people around the world!

Martin Leyvits, an expert in neurolinguistic programming, the author of NLP Hit. 50 Best Practices, presents a unique audiobook: The Development of Memory: NLP Techniques.

A good memory is very important in our lives. Indeed, thanks to the ability to remember and learn new things, we discover new horizons in life, develop creativeness, and realize potential. Good memory is what makes a man successful. It turns out that memory is easy to develop through neurolinguistic programming - a universal tool that can change your life!

By listening to this audiobook, you will learn:

What memory is and how it is related to NLP

How to develop different kinds of memory

What factors affect memory, worsening or improving it

Listen to the audiobook The Development of Memory: NLP Techniques and you will never forget anything important!