Toasts and Congratulations [Russian Edition]

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Toasts and Congratulations [Russian Edition]

Автор: Konstantin Rjabov

Читает Alexander Tkachev

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Do you know what to say? In the sense: what, when and where? According to etiquette, according to the requirements of the official protocol, just by the necessary degree of emotion? But this already means "how to talk?". How difficult it is ... However, an audiobook consisting of such unobtrusive cheat sheets on the holiday will never allow you to make mistakes in any situation. It just makes sense to turn it on an hour before the event, and your speech will be on it the most original, most incendiary. Moreover: among a large selection of holiday greetings for almost any occasion you are given the opportunity to choose and especially suitable for you: by soul, character, and mood for the current hour.