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Confucius About Love
Confucius About Love
Confucius About Love
Аудиокнига1 час

Confucius About Love

Написано Confucius

Озвучено Stanislav Ivanov

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What is love? When did it appear? Writers, philosophers, scientists have been arguing about this for thousands of years. Love is passionate, undivided, first, strange, strong, all-conquering. Love can both purify the human soul, and lead to treason or betrayal. What can teach love? How to build relationships between lovers? How to make relations in the family harmonious? How to properly raise children so that they respect their parents?

All this will be discussed in this book. Although advice for lovers was written by the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius many thousands of years ago, they are still relevant. Also you will get acquainted with the biography of Confucius, the most revered Chinese sage, and learn interesting facts about love.
ИздательAB Publishing Audio
Дата выпуска18 июл. 2017 г.
Confucius About Love


Confucius, né le 28 septembre 551 av. J.-C. à Zou et mort le 11 avril 479 av. J.-C. à Qufu dans l'actuelle province du Shandong, est un philosophe chinois. Son patronyme est Kong, son prénom Qiu, et son prénom social Zhongni.

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