The Half Hour Method: How to Lose Weight in 30 Minutes a Day

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The Half Hour Method: How to Lose Weight in 30 Minutes a Day

Автор: Elizabet Mayklz

Читает Aleksej Muzhickij

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If you started reading this book, then you are not satisfied with the current state of things and you decided to change. The first thing that a person can not like in himself is his appearance. We live in constant turmoil and stress. We do not have time for ourselves. We do a lot in haste, on the run. And it is this kind of life that most often affects our figure, personal life, emotional state. When a person is not happy with himself, as a rule, he transfers all his emotions to others. And the world around him becomes dull and uninteresting. The biggest problem for those who are losing weight is the abundance of information.

Thousands of books are devoted to proper gymnastics, physical exercises, innovative diets that promise weight loss in two weeks with guaranteed result. Add to this, for example, methods of hypnosis, dietary supplements and many other means. Consider that you are very fortunate, because before you is a book that tells you what you really need to know about losing weight: where to start, how to continue and how to consolidate the results.